The press conference balancing act

November 6, 2013

The key to press conference success lies with keeping both the journalists and the speakers happy. It is your job to balance everyone’s needs to ensure the conference runs smoothly and that both parties, the speakers and the journalists, achieve their conference aims.

Firstly, we need to evaluate the aims of each party. On the face of it, their aims naturally complement each other; the journalists are scouting for a news-story, while the conference speakers want to get news about their company published; but, your role  is to ensure the conference doesn’t lean too far to one side. The journalists must feel that that they have got a good story, while the speakers must believe they have effectively communicated their brand messages, while not giving away any negative news.

So, how is the perfect press conference balance achieved? Here are four top tips for keeping the perfect balance:

Follow these tips to master the press conference balance between your journalists and your speakers, and pave the way towards some positive client coverage!

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