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There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.
J.K. Rowling

We’re always one step ahead

PR professionals like us know all about content creation – it has been the bread and butter of our industry for years. The channels for distributing content grow and diversify year on year, but the basic rules still apply – understand the audience, find out what they are interested in and create original material that informs, entertains or engages.

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Services we provide


Too much technical information and sector jargon can make your audience switch off. We’ll turn it into alluring content your audience can’t keep their eyes off. Writing or editing, these are just some of the enticing services we provide:

  • News releases
  • Technical articles and case studies
  • Thought leadership pieces
  • White papers
  • Visual

And if that wasn’t enough, our extensive network (founded by our captivating wit) means your material will be seen in the right media by your audience.


Identifying news angles and opportunities that let everyone know your business is world-class, what’s not to like?

Capturing the interest of editors and journalists and liaising with them is an everyday part of our craft.

Knowing and understanding what’s happening in current affairs is indispensable in communications to allow us to put you forward as thought leaders for opinion and comment.


Celebrate and share your successes, using technical articles to educate your audience about your new technologies, processes or methods.

Powerful case studies and glowing testimonials can sway potential customers.

Case studies with established brands can help you get noticed and build your reputation.

In-house writers with technical, engineering and marketing backgrounds and former news reporters and editors can all be found at BCM. Our expert team tailors complex or technical information for different audiences and can translate these for global markets.


We make sure people take notice of what you say. We start conversations and establish your credentials.

Lead industry conversation with white papers and thought leadership articles associated with your business.

Collaborating with subject matter experts and sharing knowledge establishes you as a sector leader, differentiating you from the competition.


Our network of professional photographers, videographers and graphic designers produce high quality images for a range of applications.

Visual content is vital in enhancing your written materials and ensuring they reach far beyond your competitors’. It supports a wide range of materials, including editorial, blogs and social media.

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