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Working with engineering firms is exciting. These businesses bring ideas to life. They deliver us sensational new products, drive efforts for global sustainability, help improve our health and society and address challenges faced in the world. We want to help them shout about what they do and reach new customers with their remarkable stories. Our PR services do just that – and I am so glad it was what we do.
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A global engineering B2B PR agency

BCM Public Relations articulates complex engineering concepts and innovations to various stakeholders, including industry experts, investors, policymakers, and the wider public. Our adept PR professionals craft nuanced narratives that underscore the pivotal role of industrial engineering in shaping our world, employing sophisticated communication strategies to illuminate these contributions.

Meeting industrial engineering PR needs

Despite developing ground-breaking products, services, and ideas, many engineering firms need to work on effectively communicating their value. Our seasoned team, comprising industrial PR experts and skilled technical writers, excels in delivering clear, compelling, and impactful messages that enhance your brand’s reputation and ensure visibility among key audiences.

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Engineering PR Agency Experience

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Experienced in managing public relations for global engineering firms

BCM Public Relations brings a wealth of experience managing PR for global engineering entities, from burgeoning start-ups to established multinational corporations. We’re adept at brand management, business growth strategies, and launching new offerings on the global stage. Collaborating closely with you, we’ll devise a bespoke communications strategy aligned with your goals and KPIs. We will employ a dynamic approach to inform your clientele about innovative solutions to their challenges while positioning your company as a vanguard of engineering thought leadership.

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How Do I Know Engineering PR Will Work?

Our systematic approach, encompassing comprehensive research, strategic planning, and meticulous execution, provides a clear roadmap for the anticipated impact of your engineering PR campaign. An initial consultation allows us to identify the most effective channels and methods for reaching your target audience, backed by our proven track record of PR success.

Will I See a Solid Return on Investment?

With a history of successful collaborations with numerous industrial firms, BCM Public Relations has consistently delivered measurable results across various PR campaigns. Whether you aim to unveil an innovative product or elevate your company’s market presence, our dedicated team is committed to achieving the desired outcomes, ensuring a substantial return on your investment.

You can collaborate with a team of skilled engineering PR professionals at BCM, who will carefully handle your expectations and keep you informed about the progress of your project. Feel free to contact our team of PR experts today at 0203 409 5090 to schedule your first consultation and discover how we can assist you in attaining the success you deserve.

Testimonial from an electrical engineering PR customer

For over 20 years BCM has generated consistent PR in the international US and German trade media. The agency understands the engineering and manufacturing sector from a technical and cultural standpoint, being able to author thought leadership articles in America and UK English, plus German. BCM has a proven a knowledge of those publications and news website serving industry, a fact evidenced by the agency not only achieving but exceeding all agreed KPI’s.

We’re engaged with the New Energy industry. We love a new communications challenge.


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