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A robotic arm inside a factory building a computer chip - one example of an industry that is heavily automated.
BCM Public Relations was founded within the automation business. Automation technology is driving levels of efficiency, sustainability, and productivity to new levels. There are so many opportunities for press coverage within the automation sector, whether your business is software or hardware, we will get you the best coverage in the media in the journals that are read by your customers. If anyone knows automation PR, we do.
Stephen Ballard, Managing Director at BCM Public Relations

An industrial welding and gripping machine used within a factory - this company uses automation PR to advertise the cutting-edge work it is doing.

An automation PR company founded in, well…automation!

‘Automation’ covers many different technologies. Whether you are providing supervisory systems, SCADA, PLCs, control systems, robots, sensors, or actuators, we will help you gain superior coverage in the media and reach new customers. 

We understand technology and the processes to which it is applied in the filed of automation, making us a leading partner for automation suppliers small and large. What is more, because we have been in the automation sector for so long, we can help you reach the right editors and publications to really raise your brand and your profile.

Understanding of the automation sector

Automation public relations tailored to your needs

Our understanding of the automation sector means we can help you with the right strategy for your company goals. Whether you are looking to reach new markets, expand your share of market voice, increase brand awareness, or launch a new product or service, our services will be tailored to your needs. Our PR experts will help you develop an effective communications plan that fits with your wider marketing strategy and our expert writers will craft your messages in a way that engages and enhances customer interest.

We Understand Technology

A technical PR company

At BCM Public Relations, we are not just PR and communication experts, we understand technology. We know what the automation sector is talking about and keep abreast of the trends that are changing the industry. We will not blindly push your messages out; we will work with you to ensure they are focussing on topics the industry wants to hear about. We understand that your experts do not have the time to write consistent, high quality articles to set you apart in the automation sector. That is why we employ writers experienced in automation technology, who will save you time and money and help you get greater coverage in automation media – printed and digital.

Why automation public relations matter…

Automation markets are fast-changing and competitive. When you have a new idea, want to reach new geography, have a product to launch, or simply are not getting the coverage you deserve for the innovative solutions you offer, time is of the essence. 

If you are not saying what your customers want to hear, the chances are your competitors are. We will help you shine out and gain market share with consistent, high-quality communications to engage your customers and address the challenges they are facing. This is not just PR, this is automation PR.

An engineer programming a robotic arm using a control panel - cutting edge automation is just round the corner.

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