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It is not by accident that BCM has a deep understanding of how to promote AI solutions, we have deliberately and proactively followed the progress of this technology over many years. We can make a difference to your public relations because of this understanding. We know what journalists are looking for and talking about and can help you find the right stories to get you headline coverage in the right media.
Stephen Ballard, Managing Director at BCM Public Relations
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An AI PR Agency that will get your story heard 

We champion the AI solutions developed by our clients, specifically tailored for the manufacturing industry. We excel in bringing these cutting-edge innovations to the forefront, showcasing how Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize industrial processes. Our role is to amplify the visibility and impact of our clients’ AI technologies, ensuring they reach the manufacturing companies poised to benefit the most. By leveraging our expertise and network, we help our clients’ solutions gain the recognition they deserve, driving adoption and facilitating transformative outcomes in efficiency, productivity, and innovation within the manufacturing sector. Our commitment is to serve as a conduit between groundbreaking AI developers and the industries ready to embrace the future, ensuring a seamless integration of advanced AI applications in manufacturing

Technical detail vs customer benefit

The problem with AI and all the wondrous things it can do is that, sometimes, engineers get too engrossed in the technical detail and not the customer benefits. We can help you get the ‘techy’ and benefits balance right to give you powerful, understandable stories with strong media appeal.

An AI PR Agency

Artificial Intelligence and AI solutions are things that journalists, magazines, and readers are keen to learn about. However, it is important to get the message right. The problem with AI and all the wondrous things it can do is that, sometimes, engineers get too engrossed in the technical detail and not the customer benefits. We can help you get the ‘techy’ and benefits balance right to give you powerful, understandable stories with strong media appeal.

Complete communications planning for AI solutions

Alongside managing press releases, we will help you with all avenues of communication. This includes all aspect of content everything from inspiring whitepapers to social media, from newsletters to arranging media interviews. We can help you with scripts, coach you in how to speak to the media, and help you get fantastic coverage on the websites or publications that matter to your customers.

New AI solution? Let’s shout about it!

We know the right media and how to get your message heard and there is never a more important time than at a new product launch. Together, we will ensure you get a professional, coordinated communication campaign that will have the impact you need to get your sales off to a flying start.

AI, Public Relations, and Marketing

Any PR plan needs to dovetail with your wider marketing strategies – and budgets! We tailor our services to meet your exact needs and help you track your goals and return on investment. We know our services will help grow your business, but we also know you need to show top-level executives that your plans are working, and we will help you do this with regular update meetings and comprehensive reports about your share of market voice and social media presence.

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Artificial Intelligence Public Relations

Energy Optimisation

We are promoting visibility of energy consumption and associated costs by asset and activity

Intelligent Metering

Conversion of legacy instrumentation and manual meter reading. Real-time operations intelligence and improved accuracy using intelligent metering.

Remote Pipeline Monitoring

We are monitoring remote pipelines to prevent damage and theft. Real-time visibility of infrastructure integrity, optimising field personnal visits.

Pollution Management

Improve air quality, reducie environmental pollution, and augment urban planning and development through intelligent pollution management.

Digital Terminal

Plant operations, equipment, and processes. Real-time intelligence, predictive insight, operational efficiency. Midstream terminals and tank storage operations.

Example of artificial intelligence in use for public relations


Why is PR important for AI?

Artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly, making the impact of PR on AI nuanced and contingent on the specifics of your PR strategy. Public relations is pivotal for AI enterprises in fostering trust, cementing thought leadership, and adeptly maneuvering through the dynamic tech landscape. At BCM Public Relations, we craft tailored communication strategies that bolster your reputation and solidify your standing as a credible force in the industry.

Effective PR Strategy for AI companies

A good PR strategy is fundamental to crafting a lucid and impactful messaging framework that underscores your company’s distinctive value. As a specialized AI PR agency, we excel in weaving engaging narratives that spotlight your solutions’ capacity to tackle real-world problems, enhance operational efficiency, and propel innovation. Our seasoned PR professionals are adept at producing informative content that demystifies your AI technology for the public, elucidating its advantages and broader impacts. Our comprehensive approach encompasses a variety of formats, from press releases and in-depth technical articles to whitepapers, case studies, blog entries, webinars, and visually compelling infographics.

Influence of PR on AI

The efficacy of PR in the AI domain is typically incremental, necessitating persistent endeavors. Continuous scrutiny of PR tactics, vigilant tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs), and agile adjustments to shifting trends are imperative for managing an AI company’s public image. At BCM Public Relations, we possess the expertise to craft and execute compelling PR narratives that ensure your story reaches and resonates with the intended audience.

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Artificial Intelligence Public Relations Client Testimonial

BCM have been instrumental in lifting the profile of Atomiton though a series of excellent thought leadership articles covering artificial intelligence and edge computing placed in both trade and news media internationally. In addition, they have been responsible for securing speaking opportunities in some of the major industry events worldwide. I would not hesitate to recommend their services, practically if you are looking for a tech savvy agency that really understands the media agenda.

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