Crisis Communication

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

React quickly & effectively

The phones are ringing off the hook, the public are bombarding you with tweets and your business reputation is under threat. Oh how you wish you had a robust crisis communications plan in place.

When a crisis happens it will change your career, for better or worse. It’s crucial to react quickly and effectively. How can you do this without a pre-prepared and practiced strategy?

businessman handling a crisis and press interview

Consistent, measured & timely messaging

BCM Public Relations Ltd has managed real crisis’ involving loss of life, where we have protected the reputation of multinational companies. 

You can rely on us to guide and support you 24/7, throughout the crisis and beyond. Your business needs a proactive response to safeguard your image and one which has a clear audit trail of action taken.

Our early response, bespoke crisis communications software tool has been designed to work alongside your operational plans and in multiple countries and time zones.

The media needs to be kept regularly informed or they’ll dig for dirt themselves. We make sure your messaging is consistent, measured and timely to protect your business reputation and preserve your stakeholders’ trust.

You and your team need to be fully media trained so when a live film crew doorstep you at home at 03:00 you know how to respond, on message with a pre-approved holding statement. And when you are in the TV studio responding to an aggressive interview, you will keep your cool because your media training will kick in enabling you to answer questions confidently and with the degree of understanding that the situation requires.

Our experience includes advising and supporting senior management in their time of crisis in a number of sectors and situations, including:

Transport fatalities
Workplace fatalities
Financial disputes
Public Health & Safety
Cyber attacks
Legal action
Product recalls
Food safety
Supply chain integrity

We offer best practice crisis communications planning workshops and crisis communications media training courses.

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