Targeting a mobile audience

February 1, 2013

The boom of mobile devices is having a huge impact on the way that people access content. Now, more than ever, people read, watch and share on a 24/7 basis and use multiple devices to do so. The latest research by Forrester found that 66% of employees now use 2 or more devices every day. We are becoming what comScore called “Digital Omnivores”, who consume content from multiple devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Whilst people might not have the time to access content that is interesting to them when at home or at the office, they are likely to browse and read on-the-go, during the commute, whilst travelling for work, attending events or even when on site. Mobile devices have become a key outlet for content, and therefore fundamental to modern day PR. Here are our tips for attracting mobile device users:

1. Optimise webpages for mobile browsing–ensure your website is enhanced for tablets and smartphones. Similarly, when doing PR­, do your homework on which publications tailor their online content for mobile devices. This will maximise the potential readership of any piece published.

2. Keep your content short and snappy– whether it’s a press release, blog or even article. As much as they’re convenient, mobile devices with their small screens were not built for extensive reading. Also keep in mind that the likely surroundings of a mobile device user– think packed commuter train– are not conducive to concentration.

3. Immediacy is key– unlike desktops, mobile devices are not shut down at home time. You should publish updates when they’re fresh and keep an eye on social media (which often ramps up when everyone has finished their work for the day). Leaving it until the morning could make you seem behind the pack in the 24/7 online culture.

4. Soften the sales pitch– mobile devices may be used for work but because they are transitional items, carried around in a bag or pocket, they can be considered personal too. As a result, a piece that is heavily self-promotional could result in your audience feeling like their personal space is being invaded. Keep things focused on the story– after all, that’s what gets you noticed in a limitless online world where so much is published and readers are consuming more content than ever.

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