Oil & Gas needs PR

November 28, 2022

It is lunchtime on Mon 28 Nov, London, at the WECA (World Energy Capital Assembly) and already four speakers have stated that the oil and gas industry has not promoted the continued importance of oil and gas to the worlds energy economy or the huge strides that the industry is making in accelerating decarbonisation. By not promoting what the oil and gas industry is doing in this field serves to demonise the industry, which negatively impacts the attitudes of institutional investors. But more investment is needed to develop and implement the technology to decarbonise energy. The problem is that the very investment required to achieve this goal is being restricted through a fundamental as misunderstanding of the industry’s excellent work in this area. And therein lies the problem. Now is the time for the oil and gas industry to put its head “above the parapet” and us PR to communicate, both to investors, and the public at large, the great work that is being done in driving energy transition. 

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