“Content is King” but where is he hiding?

August 12, 2013


Maintaining a steady flow of interesting content that will gain consistent coverage is one of the toughest aspects of public relations. If you are already sold on the necessity of sustaining your company’s presence in the media, the next step is establish where the content will come from and how to keep it flowing.

To tackle this issue, one must first break it down into different categories of content.

What will the content be used for?

Are you looking to produce a press release, a blog, a technical article, a customer testimonial or even a whitepaper? Defining the nature of the piece will give you the best clue of where to find your content.

After defining the parameters of the piece one should then ask:

Whom do I have access to who has knowledge on the subject in question?

Many organisations are sitting on a goldmine of expertise, untouched and untapped by the marketing communications department. Digging deep into the company and singling out those who live and breathe the subject on a daily basis is harder than it sounds but it is definitely worth the effort. There is little an editor or a journalist likes to receive more than content delivered straight from a subject expert.

How does one keep the content flowing consistently?

You have produced your first technical article, the product expert has been helpful and the editor is happy with the piece. Now you have to produce another one and you are all out of ideas.

One of the best ways to combat this is to create a culture of information exchange by sharing the publicity that has been achieved. If marketing is not someone’s primary responsibility they are unlikely to see the value in spending hours of their day sharing their knowledge with you; however you will be surprised by the momentum an article or a press release in the subject expert’s favourite publication can create.

Gathering and maintaining content can often seem like an uphill battle but it is a battle that is definitely worth fighting! After all, decent content will be more likely to result in decent coverage.


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