5 reasons to launch your company into the Twittersphere

October 25, 2012

As the world’s fastest expanding social media site, Twitter is an online tool that should not be ignored. The little blue bird has encouraged people: rich and poor, famous and unknown, old and young, from all over the globe to engage with the industries that interest them like never before. In just 140 characters Twitter allows your company’s strengths and interests to be aired in a personable and globally accessible format.

Nevertheless, with half a billion people interacting on Twitter, posting over 340 million tweets every day it can be hard to know how to get your voice heard. We’re here to combat Twitterphobia, with the ‘5 reasons to launch your company into the Twittersphere’. And, once immersed, it will become hard to imagine how your company ever lived without it.

1)   Attract and engage a broader audience. Tools like Trendsmap show that wherever there is Internet access, there will be tweeters.  Twitter gives strangers from across the globe a means to connect their voices in worldwide discussion.  This international reach allows companies to diversify their audiences and discuss key industry topics with previously remote contacts. Also, with the option to add your location to your tweets it becomes easy to discover like-minded people locally too.

On Fridays, it has become Twitter tradition to use the hashtag #FF (follow Friday) to encourage your followers to broaden their scope and follow new people. Try and post these Tweets earlier rather than later and then the people you choose get a better chance to return the favour! We recommend choosing people who are leaders in their field and relevant to your followers to show that you know the industries around you. Just like this environmental press follow Friday:

2)   Give your company an online personality. If you want to inject some life into your company then Twitter is the way forward. It provides its users with a platform to engage in informal discussions. Not only does this humanise your company’s perspective, it also allows you to accumulate followers that share your interests and broaden your scope.

3)   Check out your competitors. There is a good chance that your company’s rivals will be active on Twitter, making it a great arena to keep track of them. Furthermore, you could even try engaging your competitors in an industry specific discussion or debate, especially if you think you have a common cause. You never know – it may even result in collaboration or at the very amplifying your reach with a combined following.

A great Twitter start-up tip is to track down your industry’s social media gurus and start regularly interacting with them. If their dedicated followers see them talking to you then they are more likely to be interested in what you have got to say. Try retweeting them by copy and pasting what they have written, @mentioning them and adding your own thoughts on the matter. Just like this:

4)   Boast about your achievements. Being proud of your company isn’t arrogant; in fact it is only right that you should be proud of what you do.  People who have followed you on Twitter are likely to support and share your goals and will be happy to hear about achievements within your field.

You could even use your Twitter feed as a multi-media platform to show your followers your accomplishments through Twitpics and videos like this:

5)   Connect to individuals in real time anytime. In today’s world clients expect to be kept up-to-date 24/7. Since smart-phones landed on the market, professionals no longer have to wait until they are behind their desk to publicise their company’s latest news. Twitter can be used to quickly and easily inform your followers of some breaking news and prepare them for a more in-depth follow up once you are back in the office.

These five tips should give you confidence to start up or further your Twitter presence. For more information, watch out for our follow-up post on Twitter tools and how to put them to best use.

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