BCM Media Share of Voice Reports

The BCM Media Share of Voice Report is an industry barometer that identifies those companies most active in generating earned PR coverage in various sectors; as such, the league table reflects those companies with the greatest share of voice in the media. Importantly, the analysis conducted by BCM focuses on those prominent media titles that serve the respective sectors. These rankings provide a valuable benchmark for assessing PR performance through the share of voice.

“Establishing performance metrics in the realm of B2B PR presents a unique challenge, especially when the sales cycle spans months instead of days. Evaluating a client’s visibility within a specific industry sector serves as a crucial benchmark, both as a starting point before launching a campaign and as a tool for tracking its continuous progress. The BCM Media Share of Voice Rankings offers a concise yet insightful glimpse into the market landscape, a tool our clients have found exceptionally useful. We believe it will be equally valuable for you.” Stephen Ballard, Managing Director, BCM Public Relations.