Turn your company newsletter from drab to fab!

September 3, 2013

With an abundance of social media platforms and other media channels freely available the company newsletter certainly has a lot of competition. Whilst social media channels can be quick and often easy, producing a company newsletter can take more time and effort. An engaging, relevant, consistent and timely newsletter can play a key role in your communications strategy.  Here we discuss some ideas for turning yours from drab to fab.

Make it strong – At the heart of it, each communication channel is an opportunity to attract your audience’s attention and the newsletter is no different. The first sentence is crucial for drawing people in and setting the tone for the rest of the newsletter. Make it engaging and punchy and follow up with stories that will be of interest to your readers. What you write about and how you portray your brand is what will keep people engaged and wanting to read on.

Make it personable – The look and feel of your newsletter can help differentiate you from others so keep your company image consistent, while being creative where you can. Images are an important ‘marketing tool’. Add photos or images to keep your readers engaged. A mix of company stories, industry or customer news and snippets on staff will strike the perfect balance.

Make it relevant – Be aware of how much and what information you are including. What you ‘leave out’ can be just as crucial a decision as ‘what you include’. Don’t overload it with text or make it too self-serving or pitchy and always consider what will be relevant for your audience.

Make it work for you – You’ve spent all this time and money putting your company newsletter together and it’s just sitting in your waiting room. Add it to your website, mail it to your customers and consider using it as an insert for your company’s favoured publication. Spending a little more to distribute to a wider audience will encourage a much better return on investment. If you can get these right your newsletter will be a valuable part of your communication strategy and be something your readers look forward to receiving!

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