The Parts of Speech

August 30, 2022

Over the weekend I had an interesting discussion with some friends about how English grammar was taught 50 years ago. Back in the day much was taught by rote or using a mnemonic. For example, I can still remember to this day the various types of energy; chemical, heat, atomic, light, kinetic, potential and electrical. It was ‘chalk pe‘ that got me through “O’ level Physics.

However, as an English grammar learning aid, this poem is indelibly burnt into my brain. Thank you Mr. Bartrum for this gift which at the time I did not appreciate. You helped me learn to love the English language and gave me the foundations that I needed for a career in public relations.

Graphic saying grammar police to serve and correct


Every name is called a noun as field and fountain, street and town.
In place of a noun the pronoun stands as he and she clap their hands.
The adjective describes a thing, as magic wand or bridal ring.
The verb means action, something done, to read and write to jump and run.
How things are done the adverbs tells us as quickly, slowly, badly or well.
Preposition shows relation as in the street or at the station.
Conjunction joins in many ways, sentences, words or phrase and phrase.
The interjection cries out hark! I need an exclamation mark!

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