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November 13, 2013

Increasing brand recognition is a critical part of any business’ growth strategy. When budgets are tight, executives want solutions that provide them with a return on their investment. They want to know what you’re doing to optimise media coverage. Building good relationships with relevant trade media and being published in your industry’s key publications can provide valuable brand benefits.


So, how can you optimise media coverage, both in terms of the amount and the value?

Prepare – A consistent but relevant approach to communicating with the media is a good start. Develop a clear message and build associations with key media within those fields. Time spent fostering relationships with key publications will help build a mutual trust and increase the chances that future articles will be published.

Audience – Have a clear idea of your story and the audience you want to target. You need to make it relevant and newsworthy, with a focus on your intended audience. thought leadership pieces and case studies can showcase your experience within your particular industry while demonstrating how your products/services can add benefit to potential customers.

Monitor – Putting together an interesting article or press release without knowing if it has been published is a fruitless task. There are a plethora of services available that can monitor media coverage for you, but if your budget doesn’t stretch that far you can always set up Google alerts.

Leverage it – Whilst many publications may have exclusivity clauses they may be agreeable to you promoting it on your website as it offers added exposure for their magazine too. Think about re-purposing the information to suit other markets or for your blog and social media updates. If distributed to the right audience, a well-written press release can increase the chance of extended media coverage as it can open the door to the placement of technical articles.

Understanding your brand, message and target audience is fundamental for you to optimise media coverage in key publications. Increased media coverage will not only help build your brand but will increase your brand awareness and build trust within your key markets.


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