OpsManage in Saudi: Sparking discussions and ideas

May 27, 2011

Event organisation always demands a cool head. Ice cold. No matter how many different events we’ve organised over the years and no matter how prepared we are, there are always unforeseen circumstances waiting around the corner. As bcm blog readers may remember, unrest in Bahrain caused us to move OpsManage Middle East from Bahrain to Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia. With just three weeks to go before the event this was unexpected to say the least. Thanks to some quick thinking, hard work and the cooperation of our suppliers on location, the event turned out to be a great success with over 200 attendees finding their way to Saudi.

Environmental and Safety Excellence was one of four themes promoted at OpsManage in Saudi Arabia with energy usage being a hot topic. We are pleased to report that the event attracted some of the top oil and gas executives in the region. CNBC broadcast veteran, Eithne Treanor, one of the keynote speakers, focused on the importance of effective energy policies in her engaging speech, encouraging a discussion on the balance of a growing global energy needs while reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. Other discussions were based around the themes Control Excellence, Asset Excellence and Productivity Excellence.


As with all events, OpsManage in Saudi Arabia gave us plenty of new ideas for the future. We couldn’t foresee the unrest in Bahrain but with a professional and experienced team anything is possible. We’re looking forward to arranging an even bigger OpsManage event in the Middle East end of November this year.

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