B2B PR, Bland to Bland turn Brand to Brand?

January 9, 2014

Brand is usually a word reserved for business-to-consumer PR, but business-to-business public relations agencies are beginning to acknowledge that businesses have the potential to be treated more like consumers. After all, companies are made up of dozens of individuals with opinions, viewpoints and preferences.

“Along with a number of explicit rational criteria, a powerful irrational impulse is always present to influence the purchase decision,” as Kevin Randall writes in It’s a Fact: Strong Brands Drive B2B Markets.

These irrational impulses are triggered when a company demonstrates their positive and appealing qualities through their branding rather than through traditional B2B PR methods.

When creating brands for our clients at bcm, we find that it is key to pinpoint the defining qualities that the company upholds. The first step we take is to summarise the company’s key defining values and the ways that traditional and modern PR strategies can be used to broadcast these.

For example, to promote your company as an innovator, why not launch your newest technological breakthrough or next-generation product with its own interactive video? This will highlight your company’s achievements, while demonstrating an innovative and forward-thinking brand attitude.

A well-positioned and carefully communicated brand is a way of interacting with the business people inside the businesses you want to work with, and has the potential to become one of your company’s best assets.

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