AI Robot v/s PR Pro 1-0

August 28, 2019

Don’t stop at the first paragraph!

If you do not provide a good quality press release, if you take on a PR agency and put your PR into a “media release” format, chances are, it will not be successful. I had a few clients that told me that they would only take the first 3–4 months to develop, and then decide on a budget and schedule based on actual revenue, not “the press release we’re giving you.”

Now if you have read this far, firstly thank you. You might be wondering what this blog is about. It’s about how AI could be taking over the public relations industry. The paragraph above was written by an AI text generator, automatically, using Open AI’s new GPT-2 language model. The trigger phrase I used for the computer to write this original text was “Public relations is essential”.

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I have been in the PR energy business for 30 years and I must have written thousands of words in that time, across a plethora of technologies. The text generator has only been trained on 8 million web pages so far, and the sample above was only half the size of the most recent iteration!

Should we be worried, am I to be thrown on the scrapheap of redundant wordsmiths? I put that to the AI text generator. This is what it said, “Even if we can’t control our own affairs, we should probably just accept that”.

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